Scruton community space launched in downtown Budapest, the first physical realization of which was the community space and cafe at Zoltán utca 10, followed by Scruton MCC at 3 Tas vezér utca, and finally Scruton VP, whose Veres Pálné utca 12. is home to the heart of the city. We have set as our main goal the familiarization and further construction of the value-creating value system of Scruton, which preserves tradition and respects values. We undertake to present convervative value creation in a way and place that is attractive to the next generations, primarily through intellectual discussions and cultural events.

Scruton is an intellectual workshop where we aim to help provide answers and guide you so that our watchword is “I know what I’m doing” by imparting knowledge and value through our programs and ethos.

The work of our namesake, Sir Roger Scruton, faithfully reflects the conservative values and way of thinking that is also true of our community space. It is a special honor that Sir Roger Scruton’s widow actively contributes to our community endeavors and helps us operate with advice and Scruton’s personal items.

We designed Scruton as a place that, in addition to intellectual content, provides space for the building of communities through workshops, discussions and cultural reflection.

The Scruton event venue, reading room, creative space and cafe are all in one, where people with similar values like us gather and, we hope, have a good time.

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