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66 Gerendás Péter koncert

Once upon a time there were those notable eighties. I happened to find my high school years fully exploded with those eighties. There were lot of experiences, memories, stories associated with those years, I think I am lucky to have been able to live thru this and right there. Coincidentally, there was a place in Siofok, called Shanghai, where we hung quite a lot. There I saw and heard Péter playing music for the first time, I have practically admired what he represents in musical life ever since.

That’s when I first heard Spanish troubadour virtuosity combined with the current “cseszlovák” language / slang 🙂
In my dream, I wouldn’t have thought that one day I would be honored to make a movie about his birthday concert. Therefore, it is true that reality is sometimes better than dreams. Peter recently unveiled his new album as part of his 66th birthday party. 

An 8-minute sounding selection was made from the film, watch / listen with love. During the concert, I was looking for Julia in the auditorium, I think a lot of you understand what I mean here. Of course she didn’t come now either 🙂 If you have the opportunity, don’t miss this concert, this wonderful musical experience !!! Visit a real Gerendás Péter koncert

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